Sudan: a new bloc joins the armed struggle movements of the Peace Alliance and the Revolutionary Council


Sudan: a new bloc joins the armed struggle movements of the Peace Alliance and the Revolutionary Council

El Geneina / Jabal Marra: haja

Prominent field movements under the name of armed struggle movements have announced their participation in the gathering of the Alliance of Movements for the Call for Peace and the Non-Signatory Revolutionary Council for the Juba negotiations, and the new coalition includes (4) movements which are (Justice and Equality, Wing of Ibrahim Yahya) led by Commander-in-Chief Ibrahim Adam Awad Barimah, and (Edit Sudan, reference) and the Liberation of Sudan, from the Blue Nile, led by the Mayor Ahmed Yahya Yaqoub Adam, and the Union of National Armed Resistance Forces, led by Gabriel Hassan Ahmed Ablah.

In this context, the head of the Alliance of Armed Struggles, Professor Mustafa Ali Muhammad Abdullah (Jabal Si), affirmed that this stage comes after the practice of systematic exclusion by the revolutionary front and their exclusion from the ongoing negotiations. with the transitional government in Juba, noting their desire to form a vision for unified negotiation with the Alliance for the Call for Peace and the Revolutionary Council. And enter the negotiation platform to be held in Khartoum with the transitional government to reach a common vision of the process of establishing global peace and stability in the country without excluding anyone.

As he said, he said that the Juba negotiations did not represent all the inhabitants of Darfur, the Blue Nile and Kordofan, adding that the division of marginal issues independently of the armed struggle movements did not lead to a lasting peace.

(Mount Si) stressed the role of armed struggle movements in bringing about revolutionary change in the country, underlining their adherence to the cease-fire and opening a platform for negotiations with the alliance of force movements armies not affiliated with the Juba negotiations, as well as their blessing in what was agreed in the axes of the eastern route and the rest of the other routes.

He called on all fighting movements that have not participated in the Juba platform to join the alliance of armed struggle movements in order to realize the aspirations and hopes of the displaced, refugees and marginalized people through a new platform .

The chief (Jebel Si) praised the efforts of the transitional government led by Dr Abdullah Hamdouk and his political competence with the international community to progress on the sixth point, which is a positive development to bring peace and stability to the region.

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